There is a revolution going on. You might not have heard about it. No one has been decapitated, and there hasn't been a violent take-over. But the stakes are higher than in any previous revolutions none the less. The entire human civilization as we know it, along with countless animal and plant species are at risk.
And like most revolutions, this one is rooted in the an oppressive system that in the short few hundred years it's been in place has caused more geological risk than any previous threat in the past several million years.

This revolution is the Regenaissance. It is starting in our soils and our waters, changing the lens through which we perceive our world, and changing us as deeply as religion changed us when we became sedentary. The revolution is just starting, we are the first followers and early adopters, we accept a radical new view of humankind and our role in the universe, as guardians of all life rather than as an extractive species. For too long we've run on a scarcity mindset. For too long we've been exploiting our planet to turn its resources into paper bills. Now is the time for us to fulfill ourselves and create value for the abundant ecosystem that created us.

This revolution is multi faceted. It will affect all layers of society, and unfortunately won't come without conflict. Those that remain in the old ways will suffer. The multinationals that keep an extractive mindset will become more and more at odds with the real economy, and will have to adapt or become a thing of the past. There is abundance in this world, but only for those that cultivate abundance. For the bees pollinating flowers, there will always be flowers offering them a home.

I invite you to join the movement. Learn about what regenerative systems are and understand what degenerative systems surround you so you can stop supporting them. All areas of what we call the economy need to be re:invented to our new paradigm.
  • Money: let's re:think how our store of value can create benefits for all life rather degenerating our host. Imagine if all new printed money was invested in making our world more abundant and rich for everyone rather than concentrating resources in few hands? There is a currency for this already - you can become a part of it now
  • Producing food: it is expected that within 30-50 years our harvests will decline sharply as our soils get depleted of life through degenerative agricultural practices. This does not need to be the case however. Regenerative farming has been proven to increase yields, making more efficient collectors of solar energy, producing more food and preserving more water in the soil preventing desertification. Learn more about soil health and become an advocate.
  • Living: While our industrial complex has required much of humanity to concentrate in cities, recent technological breakthroughs have unchained us, and we can now continue producing industrial scale goods and services without the need for this concentration. We can live closer to nature, focus more on creativity and play, and we can live again in tribes and roam as we please. This is our mission with Oasa, and it is a vision that we share for all of humanity. While we see Oasa as one tribe of up to 300 people, we want to encourage everyone to take part in this revolution and live a life that's more meaningful, as guardians not owners of nature. Come learn about regenerative community building at re:build - an online festival for creating regenerative futures (you can buy a limited amount of early bird tickets on Presence - enter code OASA for 10% off).


February 26, 2021