Community values


Oasa is first and foremost a community of nomad entrepreneurs. At the core of everything we undertake we evaluate how the affect on the community will be. Whether it's figuring out the best way to lay out a room, designing a building or deciding how to evolve our online presence.

Vulnerability, love and belonging

Illustration by Els Kenney

At the core of community building is empathy.  More than simply providing shelter, Oasa seeks to build a community that provides for the needs of members along Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Let's check out what values we want our community to embody.


We understand that privacy and personal space is sacred. We value the balance between community and private space. Consent is about setting the boundaries that limit where others can interact with you - and is a constantly evolving perimeter that you redefine. Any breach of consent will be critically reviewed to ensure that each individual can feel most empowered in the community.


We believe that members are more than just customers. They are the experience. And they own it too. Members bring their creativity, energy, knowledge to the community, and share it through skillsharing sessions, masterminds and other events designed to provide value to members and increase the connectivity between members.

Taking responsibility is also leading with action, and accepting the consequences of ones actions. We will run our communities as do-ocracies where members are able to take initiatives, propose changes and encourage them to be leaders.

A do-ocracy is an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials.

But ownership also means empowering each member to lead more with empathy, and make their voice count. Changes to the platform and the community will be driven through the members preferences, and amplified by members taking on an active stance.


We seek to be inclusive of all - not just cultures and backgrounds - but inclusive of all life. We envision a new role for humanity to be guardians of the planet rather than simply it's dominant life form. We see a future where we value all life equally and where biodiversity comes before profits. We won't tolerate big egos and projects that don't put the good of all life first.


Providing value to local communities is an integral part of our community. From hosting events, providing assistance in various forms and integrating with the local economy, we will ensure that the local population gets value from our community.

Gifting is also giving back to each other as a community - through skillsharing, mastermind sessions, cooking a dinner or doing whatever you love doing and gifting it to your peers.


Our vision is a community where we not only accept each other for who we are, but can play a vital role at empowering each other. Providing support for one another, and growing together. The community as a whole is stronger than the sum of its members. Empowerment must also come from a place of acceptance - accepting the gift of co-creation and honest feedback.


April 5, 2020


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