Regenerative loops


It is often said that in our consumerist society, our power comes through consumption. This power is hard to quantify for a private individual, and the sum of decisions taken is often hard to identify with. As a collective however, impact from our consumption choices often become a lot more obvious. When the pension funds of Norway divested from fossil fuels, it marked the beginning of a strong trend against fossil fuel. Finally someone stood up and recognized that our future depends on reducing our dependance on oil, and the ripples from that collective choice is only beginning to spread as more investors divest, and refocus their financial capabilities towards building a planet that is more resilient and alive.

At Oasa, we have been envisioning what effects we can have as a collective on our local ecosystem, and on the planet as a whole. Here are some of the positive loops we seek to implement.

The Food Loop

  1. Oasa finances and mediates regenerative labeling and practices for partner farms
  2. Oasa purchases produce at up to 200% market rate from farms that implement regenerative practices - giving them a multiplier of incentives to switch
  3. Oasa uses its social capital to create products and brands that can sell direct to consumers at a premium price, as well as generating inside demand through our store and restaurant

The Living Loop

  1. Oasa purchases land & buildings to transform them into modern, digital friendly habitats using all available clean technologies
  2. Members can co-invest in the use of the buildings while donating land back to nature to grow virgin forests (through the use of perpetual foundations that enforces regenerative practices forever)

The Event Loop

  1. Oasa encourages its members (through grants and equity give aways) to co-create a cultural program fostering personal growth, arts and spreading regenerative practices
  2. Resident artists and experts are invited to stay for free (10% of shares reserved for the purpose) and contribute their knowledge and bring dynamism to the community

The Education Loop

  1. Oasa brings together top level entrepreneurs and creators, fostering growth within the community through events, workshops and by providing all the tools to empower you to be creative
  2. Entrepreneurial scholarship grants are given to untapped youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods granting them access to all the tools to succeed
  3. The impact businesses started within the accelerator give back a share of potential profits to further grow their community


October 30, 2020